Wednesday, 14 September 2011

tO mY siStEr

My Dearest Sister,

There have been so many special, warm, loving and caring  times we've shared, as well as going through same mighty rough times together too...

We've shared the heartache of caring. As they lay dying in their earthly bodies; when all we could do was tend to their pain, and help other to make it through, as we waited for them to pass into a place where there is no pain.

You have been me though surgery after surgery... holding my hand, caring for me, comforting me and boosting my courage. I drew strength from your being beside we when. I needed you the most and I'm sure that neither. I could have come through those trials without you. i am so glad didn't have to try. I consider you one of the greatest blessing in my life and I thank God For You...

Sis, we have shared many sorrows, but we have also shared many joy together, and I think been more good times than bad. That is what I want you to remember... the joy and not the sorrows.

I also want you to know, that if we had not been sisters birth, and I could have chosen a sister to walk through my life with... that sister would still have been you.

Thank You for being my very precious, loving and caring Sister.

    Those we love are with the Lord,
and the Lord has promise to be with us.
 If  they are with Him, and He is with us
      they cannot be very for away.

                              Sweet.... I will never be than a me                                                                               from you, so please, what ever you do... don't lose your                                                 memory!!! But... be selective, and only remember the
                                             things that put me in a good light!

                     I love you so very much, and I will always come
                                        running when you holler!
                                             Your Miss..... :-)

My feeling for you wander back through sunny days when it felt like we used to have the whole world to ourselves. We shared so much and we cared more than our heart could begin  to realize. At the time, there was so much joy I look for granted and so many things I didn't even stop ti think of. But I began to learn how important you were to my happiness and that is what sister are all about love.

As we grew, and time passed by, we had to begin to choose the paths our lives would take. It wasn't easy to know which way to go and what things to do but I was reassured because of the treasure I held in my heart. By being my sister, you gave me the quiet comfort of knowing I could always turn to you. That's what sister are all about... Sweetness and Support to see you through.

All though our years, you have been a source of so many smiles and so much inspiration for me. There has never been a time when that miles that came between us have not been bridged by the closeness of our hearts. I want to thank you for giving me the special kind of feeling that only sisters like you and I could comprehend. That's what sister are all about... being the very best friends.

                          Growing old is mandatory...Growing up is optional... 
                                                                          (pic akq ado tp x boley letak are sbb prived)

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